The Cheap Kindle Daily read is Every Last Kiss by Courtney Cole

The genre is Paranormal YA with a 4.5 star rating at only 99 Cents!

“With amazing descriptions from beginning to end, Courtney Cole spins a tale of love and friendship that spans 2000 years. All the characters are relatable, all the scenery vividly detailed in this series opener that really comes together as the story winds down to a gratifying end. The epilogue promises that there are more good stories ahead for Charmian and I’m anxious to see where Ms. Cole takes us next.” -M. Leighton, Author


What would you do if you held fate in your hands?

Macy Lockhart is a normal girl with an abnormal bird-shaped birthmark on her wrist. She doesn’t even think twice about the odd marking until strange things begin happening to her and an anonymous gift is left on her doorstep… a beautiful, blood-red
pendant. A bloodstone.

It isn’t long before she is surrounded by
craziness… ancient high priests, visions and memories that she can’t explain. And that’s just the beginning.

She quickly comes to the realization that the bloodstone wasn’t just given to her… it was returned to her. It has been hers all along, for thousands of years. She has lived hundreds of lives and all of them have been important.

But before she can even come to terms with that craziness, she is forced to return to one of them that was particularly tragic….a previous doomed life where she lived as Cleopatra’s handmaiden, Charmian.

Fate, the very thing that she is born to protect, is being threatened in a way that would destroy history as we know it. The fate of the world literally sits on her shoulders. But of course, just handling that small issue would be too easy.

Unless she interferes with destiny, her soul-mate will die. Can she really stand aside and allow the love of her life to die all over again?

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About The Author

Courtney Cole is a YA novelist who loves thunderstorms, cake batter and insane amounts of coffee. She wrote her first story at the age of 9, although thankfully it has remained hidden away in an old cedar chest beneath musty blankets. Her more recent efforts are much better. To learn more about Courtney, visit her at: