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The Cheap Kindle Daily read is The Silence of Trees by Valya Dudycz Lupescu

The genre is Literary Fiction with a 5 star rating at only 99 Cents!

“Ms. Lupescu’s prose truly is the stuff that dreams are made of. The narrative voice of her protagonist Nadya remains strong throughout nearly fifty years of her life. You can almost taste the kolachi and feel the willow switches on your backside on Palm Sunday. The best of literature transports you to places you have never been. While some of the locales of “Silence” are places you may not have wished to be, there’s heart and hope in every page.” -Rebecca Kyle (Amazon Review)


In Chicago’s Ukrainian Village, Nadya Lysenko has built her life on a foundation of secrets. When she was sixteen, Nadya snuck out of her house in Western Ukraine to meet a fortuneteller in the woods. She never expected it to be the last time she would see her family. Decades later, Nadya continues to be haunted by the death of her parents and sisters. The myths and magic of her childhood are still a part of her reality: dreams unite friends across time and space, house spirits misplace keys and glasses, and a fortuneteller’s cards predict the future. Nadya’s beloved dead insist on being heard through dreams and whispers in the night. They want the truth to come out. Nadya needs to face her past and confront the secrets she buried–in The Silence of Trees.

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About The Author

Valya Dudycz Lupescu is a writer and the founding editor of CONCLAVE: A Journal of Character. Born and raised in Chicago, she received her degree in English at DePaul University and earned her MFA in Writing as part of the inaugural class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (where she began working on The Silence of Trees). Her novel, The Silence of Trees, was selected as a Semifinalist in the 2008 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. She occasionally teaches workshops around Chicago and online, and helps to facilitate a monthly gathering of writers and artists. For the last seven years, she and her husband, along with their three children, have been dividing their time between the United States and Germany. They currently reside in Chicago. Visit her website at: http://www.vdlupescu.com