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The Cheap Kindle Daily read is Wonderful by Jill Barnett

The genre is Historical Romance with a 4 star rating at only $1.99!

“This story is so rich in humor and secondary characters, including brothers Thud and Thwack, a one eyed cat called Cyclops, and a bird that can’t fly and hangs and swings along on her long braid. Of course,there are also Lady Clio’s attempts to make the legendary `heather ale’ – ales that do not come out quite right and do strange things to people. Parts of this book have such outrageous dialog and funny scenes that it had me laughing so hard the tears in my eyes wouldn’t let me continue reading. This book was simply WONDERFUL. It deserves the HIGHEST of a 5 Star rating. Definitely a keeper!” -M. Rondeau (Amazon Review)


Lady Clio is a headstrong, independent-minded young woman who would like nothing more than to rediscover the long-lost recipe for “heather ale,” which was created by the Picts. Although lovely, Clio has long given up on marriage because her betrothed abandoned her to a convent six years before. When Merrick de Beaucort suddenly arrives to claim his bride, he finds that wooing the beautiful Lady Clio is as difficult and arduous as any battle he has faced. Beneath Clio’s placid countenance and seemingly docile demeanor lies a lively and adventurous woman with a lot of ideas that Merrick must accept if he is ever to win her love.

Jill Barnett claims she got the idea for her 13th-century romance, Wonderful, from a beer commercial, from which she learned that ale-making was one of the few occupations open to medieval women.

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About The Author

I am a native Californian, a baby boomer who grew up in a very idyllic place at a very idyllic time–on the coast of Southern California in the 60’s, although I spent many childhood summers before that on my grandparents’ farm in Texas.

So I’m a West Coast girl raised by Southern parents, who grew up in a place where you spent your free time playing volleyball on the beach and weekends dancing to local bands like Beach Boys, Dion, and the Righteous Brothers.

My husband and I met in high school, and I never knew I wanted to be a writer until I was in my thirties and back in college again. I had been an art major the first time around–it was the 60’s–quit to make some kind of mark in the world, but I got married instead.

My love of history and reading and art all came together for me when I quit school again, after working toward my history degree and then becoming a mother–something we were told couldn’t happen. (The child not the degree.) So with the miracle gift of my daughter, came a new career for me.

I knew then I wanted to write a book, had an idea and more importantly a vision of the kind of stories I wanted to tell. I told myself I could always go back to school.

Funny thing the way life works. Almost two years to the day I quit school, I sold my first book on 50 pages to Pocket Books, a division of Simon and Schuster. That was over eighteen years ago and many books later.

So the road I traveled to become an author had many twists and turns, joys and disappointments. Yet I’m doing something I really love. In so many ways I’m a very lucky woman.

To learn more about this author, visit http://www.jillbarnett.com/