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The Cheap Kindle Daily read is Steps to Heaven by Wendy Cartmell

The genre is Mystery with a 4.5 star rating at only 99 Cents!

“I really liked this mystery. I got into the story very quickly and was pulled along by the author’s style. This woman knows how to write! Sergeant Major Crane is a dogged investigator with the SIB, Army Branch. He is believable if not always likeable. In this book he is looking into a murder/suicide and cannot let the case go. I’m looking forward to reading more by this author.” –Dandy Dan (Amazon Review) 


Sergeant Major Crane, a Special Investigations Branch Investigator, in the Armed Forces, is a proud, dedicated and experienced soldier, constrained by the Army structure, but adept at manipulating the system. He and his young team of Staff Sergeant Billy Williams and Sergeant Kim Weston, based at Aldershot Garrison, have to investigate one of the most horrific cases they have ever taken on. A soldier who has deliberately murdered his wife and 6 year old son and then committed suicide.

Crane wants to know what is behind this horrific act, but has to battle against cynical opposition from his Officer Commanding, Captain James Edwards who makes him investigate a different crime. But Crane is vindicated when a second copy cat murder suicide by a soldier in Colchester is followed by a third in Catterick. Paralleling these investigations, Crane’s wife Tina wants a decision on whether they should start a family. A decision Crane is unable to make, haunted as he is by the deaths of three young boys.

All three soldiers had served in Afghanistan and all had religious pamphlets, making Crane ask himself what the soldiers wanted to be saved from? Do the pamphlets offer salvation, or slaughter? Crane doggedly pursues his theory that there is a religious connection between each murder/suicide, manipulating his colleagues to his own ends as he goes. But Crane is at risk of going too far, putting those close to him in danger.

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About The Author

Wendy Cartmell is a former teacher, PR Manager and Editor of a large corporate Newspaper, who has always written, be it for herself or her children. She turned her hand to crime writing in 2010 resulting in a new crime series featuring Sgt Major Crane of the Special Investigations Branch, drawing on her husband’s 22 years service in the British Army.

The first book in the series Steps to Heaven is out now with the second 40 Days and 40 Nights due soon.

To learn more about this author, visit http://www.wendycartmell.webs.com/