Book Requirements

Requirements for a book to be featured on The Cheap Kindle Daily:

  • The book must be in eBook format and published on Amazon
  • The book must be priced $4.99 or less
  • We do not accept erotica
  • The book must have at least 4 reviews
  • The review average for the book must be 3.4 stars or higher
  • The book cover must be attractive

If your book meets the above criteria, send the following to 

  • Our features are FreeIF you put our badge on your website (located on the left of our page) & like our Facebook page
  • Email us: a link to where you placed the badge, book cover & bio pic, bio
  • Tell us the genre of your book
  • Email us the link to book on Amazon US
  • Send us the link to the review you would like us to use (otherwise we will choose one).
  • Also, provide us with your twitter handle

Every feature is posted midnight EST the day of feature and is tweeted and posted on our Facebook page throughout the day.

All features will remain in CKD archives indefinitely.

*Please note, the administrator of this site is allowed, at any time and for any reason, to reject a submission if they feel it is not a good fit with the site. In that case, any donation or fees would immediately be reimbursed to the author/publisher. Also note, the administrator may make exceptions to their discretion.

**If you are interested in doing a guest post with us, please email us at to discuss this. 

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